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the junior tallest story competition...

Five tall stories from the Highlands and the Islands of Scotland presented by Karen Morrison as PINEY THE PINE-MARTEN

FILM 1 - How MacLeod got his Tables

There were once giants and fairies in Glendale on the Island of Skye. They’re not there now but there are two flat-topped mountains called Macleod’s Tables. How did those mountains lose their tops?

FILM 2 - The Goat Child

An old MacKenzie prophecy is fulfilled when an abandoned child claims to be the son of a goat

FILM 4 - Black Fairy

A powerful Island chief is unexpectedly defeated by a very small dwarf

FILM 5 - The Boy in the Deer-skin Hood

Finn’s daring expedition to the dangerous Island of Muc goes well thanks to the magic powers of the Boy in the Deer-skin Hood

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