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Our fantastic new website offering a fully bilingual mythological

interactive experience for children of all ages.

Streamed cartoons, interactive comics, and games with bilingual story

resources - check out the true version of what really happened!

Viking invasions, battles, clan raids, cattle thieves, whiskey smugglers,

forbidden romance, dastardly deeds, crazy clan chiefs, dogs, cats, frogs,

deer, pets of all kinds, magic, fairies, supernatural beings, witches,

wizards, wild haggises, seers, prophets and even the Loch Ness Monster!

Our traditions come back to life in cartoons made by and for children

throughout the Highlands and Islands.

Ambaile, the Gaelic village, is a major learning and research resource  for everyone with an interest in the language, culture and history of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. It is fully bilingual, English-Gaelic.

For the West Highland Animation contribution: 40 games, 40 interactive comics and 40 streamed cartoons, go to the ‘Fun and Games’ section. If you want to see the same-and-more games, comics and films with full Gaelic audio, go to